How to Attend the Democratic Party National Convention. The Democratic Party National Convention takes place every four years. The convention is the formal end to the primary election session and begins the look forward to the general election. The convention is when the Democratic Party will officially confirm their Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates. Attending the Democratic National Convention would be a great experience for most Democrats, but actually being able to attend is difficult, since tickets are not for sale to the general public. There is hope, however, for the most dedicated. Read on to learn how to attend the Democratic Party National Convention.

Become a member of Congress. This is probably not the most practical way for the common Democrat to attend the convention, but Congressmen do get to attend.

Be a member of the media. This is also probably not the most practical way to get in, but you might have more of a chance of getting a press pass than being a member of Congress.

Contact your state's Democratic Party office about becoming a delegate to the convention. If you are serious about trying to attend the Democratic National Convention, being a delegate is a feasible way to do it. It does require work to be a delegate, however, so you need to be dedicated to it.

Volunteer for the Democratic National Convention. You may not have a luxurious trip to the convention, but there is the possibility of attending if you volunteer. Contact your local Democratic Party office or the Democratic Party office for the location where the convention is being held for more information on volunteering.