Failing a course or even a whole grade in school can be a devastating event for a child. Parents who are concerned about their child's performance and success in school can help a child pass by following a few steps.

Look for the warning signs that your child is failing. Many children won't come right out and tell parents that they're having trouble in school because of embarrassment. If your child avoids a certain subject, goes silent when the subject comes up or gets outwardly upset, chances are that the child is struggling and may be failing.

Sit down with the child and see if you can help. While many parents may find that it's been too many years to remember exactly how to help with the child's homework, at least give it a shot. If nothing else, see if you can pinpoint a reason the child might be failing, such as trouble reading or deciphering instructions.

Provide some structure. Many children will shove off homework in favor of fun activities like playing with friends, playing video games or watching television. If you think that your child might not pass, set specific television hours, limit computer and game time, and use a rewards system to promote achievement.

Help your child study. Many students never develop good study habits, so you might need to promote those on your own. Help your child make flash cards for math and vocabulary tests, and consider reading along with their work in English. Helping a child study and taking an interest in their work usually provides positive results.

Hire a tutor if you find that your child's struggles are beyond your reach and capability to help. Many older students (high school and college) tutor to make extra money. Your child's school may offer tutors free of charge.