What Is a Good Texting Game to Play With Your New Girlfriend?

You can play texting games with your girlfriend whether you're together or apart.
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Whether you’re separated by curfew, schoolwork or work schedules, you can keep in touch with your new girlfriend and get to know each other better with simple and engaging texting games. Make it a daily habit to end the evening on a lighter note or save the games to fill the hours on rainy days apart.

1 All About You

You can get to know one another even when you’re miles apart with a simple, fun texting game. Just think of a variety of things you’d like to learn about your girlfriend, and have her come up with a list of questions she’d like to ask you. The next time you’re separated, pull out your phones and let the learning begin. Text your first question and wait for a reply, along with your girlfriend’s first question. You can make it a little more of a challenge by setting a time limit to respond to each question. You can also make the game more challenging by choosing a topic for the questions, such as school, extracurricular activities or goals.

2 Texting Trivia

Whether you share a love for movies, horses, fine cooking or traveling, challenge each other’s knowledge on the topic with a trivia texting game. You can create your own trivia questions or look to commercial games for assistance instead. Begin the game by texting the trivia question along with the multiple-choice answers and have your girlfriend text back her answer. Reverse roles next and have her text a trivia question of her own, and continue until the phone battery runs dry. Once you’ve been dating for a while, you can use the texting trivia game to find out just how much you’ve learned about each other. Create trivia questions based upon personal things, such as “My favorite uncle’s name is …” or “My favorite grade in school was … .” Treat the winner to a homemade dinner the next time you can be together.

3 20 Questions

Play a game of deductive reasoning with your new girlfriend to sharpen your thinking skills together and share a few laughs -- or LOLs. Start by thinking of a person, place or object, such as Africa or a computer, and then have your girlfriend text questions, such as "Is it a person?" to try to figure out what you have chosen. You respond to each of her questions with a yes or no answer and allow her to continue guessing until she figures out the answer or reaches 20 questions. Then, it's her turn to think of a person, place or object and your turn to make the guesses.

4 Silly Stories

Explore your creativity together by inventing a story over the phone and it might just make a memorable keepsake later on from your relationship’s early days. Start with any opening line to the story that you’d like, such as “Once upon a time …” and then have your girlfriend fill in the next sentence. Continue building upon the story one sentence at a time, or supply the first few lines and build on it a paragraph at a time. You can create any type of story, but consider adding in characters and places from your own lives to personalize the story even more and cause a few chuckles.

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