Does the Apocalypse Exist in Islam?

Jesus is a harbinger to the Hour in Islam.
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Muslims hold very specific beliefs about what will happen during the Apocalypse. The end of the world is known as the Hour in Islam, and Quranic writing spells out very specific information about it. Jesus, or Isa in Islam, plays an essential role in the period before the Hour occurs, since he will rule the world before its final end.

1 Jesus (Isa) in Islam

Isa, one of the Islam's most revered prophets, plays a key role in the faith's eschatology.While Muslims do not deem Isa to be god, they believe that he had a miraculous birth to the Virgin Mary, and foretold the coming of the Prophet Muhammad. They believe that he was not executed, but that Allah saved him, and brought him into Heaven just before his execution, replacing Isa with someone who resembled him on the cross. Isa's return will signify the beginning of the Apocalypse in Islam.

2 Mahdi, Dajjal and Isa

The arrival of three figures will mark the beginning of the end of the world, according to Islamic theology. The first is the Mahdi, which means the rightly guided one, who will revive the Islamic faith throughout the world. While Sunni and Shiite denominations differ about his origins, most believe he will be a descendent of the Prophet Muhammad. Dajjal, the Antichrist, will arrive next. He is the false messiah, and will cause great suffering and chaos on the Earth, leading people to eagerly anticipate the return of Isa. Finally, Isa will return to Damascus, where he will battle Dajjal and kill him.

3 The Hour

The Islamic term for the specific time of the Apocalypse is the Hour. According to the belief, after Isa kills the Antichrist, he will rule the world during a time of peace. Since Muslims believe that Isa has not yet died, he will experience a natural death at the end of his rule. After his death, the world will atrophy and turn into chaos. These events will lead up to the Hour, which three trumpet sounds, heard throughout the world, will mark. When the first trumpet sounds, faithful Muslims will be peacefully ascend into Heaven. The next trumpet will mark the destruction of the entire universe, apart from Allah. The final flourish will come when Allah remakes the Archangel Raphael, who will make the last trumpet call, indicating that Allah recreated everything in the universe.

4 Day of Judgment

After Allah recreates the world, Muslims believe that all humans who have ever lived will face the Day of Judgment. The dead will rise from their graves, and all people will face Allah, who will judge and evaluate their lives to determine how well they upheld Quranic law. Islam does not adhere to the Christian concept of original sin. Instead, everyone is held responsible for his or her own actions. Allah will compare the good and bad people did in their lives. People will then be assigned rewards in a heaven or punishments in a hell.

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