How to Determine if Similar Figures Are Congruent


Hi, I'm Rachel, and today we're going to be going over how to determine if similar figures are congruent. So a figure that's similar means that it has the same angles right, we'll just write it like that and proportionate sides, alright, prop sides. Now this is for a similar figure. The sides notice are not equal. In a congruent figure we have the same angles and the same sides. So in similar figures, the angles are congruent but the sides are just proportional. That means that they all have the same ratio. If you want to figure out if the shape is congruent, if the figure is congruent, then the sides have to be equal. So if we have two triangles, right, if they have the same angles, angle measures, then they are similar and we might not know whether or not they are congruent unless we prove that the sides are all equal. If they are the same number for all the different sides of a figure, then it's congruent and if they are just proportional, then it's similar and that's it. I'm Rachel and thank you for learning with me today.

Rachel Kaplove has worked as a professional private tutor since 2005. Specializing in Math and Science, she tutors students from the second grade level to advanced high school honors levels.