There are many different genres that people prefer when it comes to reading. Many people tend to ignore is the fact the reading is more than just reading; reading is more than just words put together to form a story. The truth is reading is an important part of life; it is important for people of all ages. Many people tend to ignore is the fact the reading is more than just reading; reading is more than just words put together to form a story. The truth is reading is an important part of life; it is important for people of all ages. Reading is the key to building a healthier perception-a perception that opens a person's mind to various ways of thinking and analyzing. Reading is the key to becoming a better writer, a better speaker, and a better thinker. And when a person becomes all of these things from excessive reading, then that person has more to contribute and teach the world. This article is designed for all who love to read. Furthermore, this article will provide my reader with various ways to become a more articulate, effective, and analytical reader. Becoming these things will not only allow all readers to understand literature much better, but it will allow the reader to have a better understanding of life in general.

Know the elements of literature:

The first thing that all readers, especially literature lovers, should know and comprehend is that all types of literature (novels, short stories, comic books, poems, memoirs, biographies, etc) contain several main elements that should always be analyzed while reading. These elements include plot, setting, characters, themes, and symbols. Analyzing all these elements help the reader learn how to read between the lines, which promotes more analytical thinking.

Know about plot:

The plot is the obvious; it is what the story is about. The plot can occur in chronological order or out of order, climatic or anti-climatic; the plot is the action of events in the story. Either way, the plot tells the story, and in the end, all comes to together. The plot generally deals with something that occurs in life. Moreover, the plot is important because it contains all of the hidden elements that help the reader become more analytical, such as themes, metaphors, symbols, etc.

Be aware of all the characters:

The characters are important because they are what hold the text together; they drive the plot forward or backward. Either way, characters control the action of events in the text, the plot. When reading, it is important to pay close attentions to the characters' actions and dialogue; this will help the reader have a better understanding of all the characters in the text, a better understanding of the purpose for each character, a better understanding of human nature, and a better understanding of ourselves. Every character in literature, from Greek mythology all the way to Post Modern literature, contains all the traits that human beings are capable of, such as love, hate, good, evil, skills, teaching, learning, shifting, growth, etc, etc, etc. When a reader pays close attention to these traits, it can help the reader understand his or her own flaws in life, and this will possibly help us make better decisions in life.

Be conscious of the setting:

As many know, the setting is the time and area that the story takes place. There can be various settings in each story or poem. For example, a story may take place in one area of the world at the beginning, but end up in another by the end. Also, throughout the story the setting can shift from a house, to the outside or someone else's house or store. The setting is very important to pay attention to when reading. Usually the narrator provides great descriptions of the setting and the people of that setting; this can help the reader become more creative with his or her own thinking, speaking, and writing. Moreover, the setting also provides the reader with a deeper way of understanding the main character or characters' personality and traits. What this means is that usually the description of the setting juxtaposes the character. For example, a person may be reading a novel about a depressed housewife; therefore, the description of the setting may be a dark house with lined wallpaper or bars on the windows. These types of elements would reflect how the character feels or thinks. The character may feel trapped, or dark, or caged. Moreover, if the character in a story is evil, the narrator may provide some commentary on the setting having a cloudy sky or a gloomy atmosphere. The setting allows the reader to read between the lines.

Learn about themes:

The theme and themes of the story are the hidden messages in the text. The themes provide the reader with a deeper understanding of the author's intent for the text, a deeper understanding of the characters actions and attitudes in the text, and a deeper understanding of life and all the issues that human beings experience in life. The themes help the reader form a more articulate way of thinking about life and understanding all the issues that we go through and do not always understand why we go through these issues. Themes allow the reader to see and understand that all human experiences are similar and inevitable in life. For example, a person may be reading a story about two friends fighting over a woman. Well, some possible themes could be two friends becoming enemies, or betrayal, deception, envy, etc. When a reader picks these themes out, then he or she can examine his or her own life and see that similar experiences are inevitable; therefore, the reader can form a more articulate way of handling these experiences when these experiences come for him or her. One great thing about the themes of a story is that the reader can decide and/or pick possible themes; there is no prescribed theme that the reader needs to follow.

Read with an open mind about symbols:

Symbols are key elements that are usually hidden throughout the text. Symbols can come in the form of anything that helps the reader read more deeply into the text, such as the characters, the setting, the plot, and life. For example, if two people are entrapped in a loveless marriage, there possible may be a caged bird. The caged bird symbolizes this entrapment. Furthermore, if two people are being lustful or fighting in an apple orchard, the orchard may symbolize the fallen Eden and man's corruption. Symbols can appear in any form, shape, size, etc; they can appear on a person's clothing, a physical deformity, anything. Remember, some symbols are intently put in the text by the author, but for the most part, the reader can pick his or her own symbols out and make sense of them for the text and for life.

Enjoy what you read:

Finally, remember to enjoy your reading time. Reading is more than just words pieced together. Reading transports the reader into a whole other world, a world of imagination, a world of control, a world of education and articulation, and a world of high perception, etc. And most of all, always apply what you read to your own life and to life itself, and that will help all readers have a better articulation of life and other people's lives, which could possible promote living a more moral life with better decisions.


  • There are many more elements to become a more anaylitical reader.