Argument Essay Topics on Social Issues

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Social issues can divide families and groups of friends. Not everyone is going to agree on a controversial subject. This provides the opportunity for each side to express its opinions. One way to express an opinion on a social issue is by writing an essay. By writing down your thoughts, you can organize them and research the opposing side's opinions so you can debate them.

1 Gender Wars

The battle of the sexes rages on. Write about the "glass ceiling," researching whether men are still given preference for promotions at upper levels above women. Research whether some companies have gone in the opposite direction in response to this issue and now favor promoting women over men for upper management. Men and women may be treated differently in certain fields, such as construction or fashion. Research these industries and the prevailing attitudes toward gender that exist in those industries.

2 Sexual Orientation and Discrimination

Research ways open members of the homosexual community may be likely to be treated differently within the military. The service, however, is not the only industry in which they may find resistance and discrimination. Research and discuss which industries are considered to be the most fair toward the homosexual community and which ones still tend to discriminate against employees, even illegally, based on sexual orientation.

3 Child Discipline

How parents should discipline their children is a highly debated subject. Some feel that punishments such as "time outs" and removing of permissions is best. Others feel that the parents must be more authoritarian and perform corporal punishment. Another debate concerning child discipline is "Who should have the right to discipline children?" Research opinions on how far authority to discipline should extend to individuals such as teachers and child-care providers.

4 Gambling

Governments continue to regulate gambling. Some say this is to protect families and individuals alike from irresponsible gambling and potential crime arising from it. Study the other objections communities have toward gambling operations such as casinos, including increased traffic congestion in areas with these facilities. Internet gambling is another hotly debated subject. Research support and opposition for movements such as the legalization of poker and other gambling on the Internet.

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