Trees have long played an important symbolic role in different cultures of the world. They have appeared in ancient writings, myths and artwork. The hieroglyph that stands for a tree appears to represent a sycamore tree, according to Christopher L. C. E. Witcombe, a professor in the Department of Art History at Sweet Briar College in Virginia. The sycamore has religious and mythological symbolism. It also has traditional symbolism based on the power of nature.

Sycamore Symbolism

In Catholicism, the sycamore tree symbolizes the place in a person’s life where he has a clear vision of Jesus. This is based on the Bible story about the diminutive, tax collector Zaccheus standing in a sycamore tree so that he could see Jesus. In mythology, the sycamore tree was thought to be the embodiment of three goddesses: Isis, Nut and Hathor, who was called Lady of the Sycamore. In a traditional and attributive sense, the sycamore tree is considered the tree of protection and favors.