How to Interpret Vivid Dreams

by Susan Sosbe

Vivid dreams are often more than just a dream, and may have hidden meanings to your waking life. Dream interpretation is often used to help pinpoint areas in your waking life that may need more focus. Although it may seem difficult at first, learning how to interpret vivid dreams is a skill that many people can learn.

Record your vivid dream in a dream diary as soon as possible after the dream occurs. Be sure to record as many details as you can remember.

Break down the dream by symbols. For instance, if the dream included an animal, break that animal down into the type and color of the animal.

Look up each symbol in a dream dictionary (see Resources below).

Write down the meaning for each symbol in your dream diary. As you record each symbol and its meaning, the meaning of the dream may start to come together in your head.

Reflect on your waking life and how the dream and its symbols may pertain to the happenings in your life.

Things You Will Need

  • Dream diary Dream dictionary


  • Details about each dream will make the interpretation clearer. The more dreams you interpret, the easier it will become. In time, you will know what symbols of each dream are important and what may not mean anything.


  • If the dream still doesn't make sense after you have analyzed the symbols, put it aside for awhile. In time, the meaning may become clearer to you. Even if part of your dream seems unimportant, record it anyway. Sometimes the oddest happenings in a dream have the strongest meaning.

About the Author

Susan Sosbe has been writing professionally since January 2008. She has published hundreds of articles and essays and has appeared in publications such as "Girlfriend 2 Girlfriend" and "Root & Sprout." Sosbe attended college at the State University of New York in Oswego, N.Y.