By fifth grade, students are seasoned readers of young kids’ books and moving onto stories full of new characters, magical places and fantastic plots. Unfortunately, more difficult books means harder book reports for class; by fifth grade, English classes are dedicated to examining books closer than ever. Whether you are trying to write your own book report or you are a parent trying to give some advice to your child, help is close at hand!

Step 1

Read the teacher's assignment carefully for everything you need to include in your book report. His instructions should trump those you read in online guides or the parents' assumptions about the report. Your teacher is the person designing and grading the assignment.

Step 2

List basic information about the book at the beginning of your report, such as the title, author, year of publication and number of chapters or pages.

Step 3

Identify the basic stages of the plot according to the Pittsford Schools website: exposition (where the author introduces characters and settings), rising action (where problems surface and build suspense), climax (where the biggest conflict of the story takes place), falling action (where the characters solve the major conflict) and resolution (where the characters return to their normal lives). For each stage of the book, write a summary of what happened, including a list of characters, settings, conflicts and how those conflicts are solved.

Step 4

Write about the characters and their actions by listing traits that define each, their major actions in the novel, whether they are a protagonist (hero) or antagonist (villain), and how that character made you feel overall. Consider how you would describe each character and which ones you related to or did not relate to most.

Step 5

Write about how the book made you feel overall. Consider whether it was satisfying or enjoyable, appropriate for other fifth graders, whether you would recommend it and which emotions you felt during different scenes. The Love to Learn Place website suggests phrasing this as "This book made me feel , and I do/don't recommend it because ." Think about specific scenes you enjoyed or did not enjoy, how you felt about the purpose of the book, and whether the characters interested you.