A Bachelor of Arts degree is a common undergraduate degree that many colleges and universities offer. Traditionally, the B.A. is awarded for academic majors in the humanities and arts, such as literature, while a Bachelor of Science is awarded for academic majors in the sciences. Some schools, however, may include a major under both designations or place a traditional B.S. major under a B.A. designation; both are bachelor's degrees. If awarded a B.A. or B.S., you may choose to put these initials after your name.

Step 1

Write your name as you normally would. Include first and last name, and your middle name or middle initial, if you wish. You can also include Mr., Mrs., Ms. or Miss before your name, as well as a suffix such as Jr. or Sr. after your name. If you have a parent's name, include the generation, such as Mr. John A. Smith, III.

Step 2

Insert a comma after your name and place the initials "B.A." after the comma. If you have a Bachelor of Science, put "B.S." instead.

Step 3

Inspect the final signature to ensure accuracy. An example of a name with a degree after it looks like this: John A. Smith, B.A.