What Would Be a Sweet Thing to Send My Long Distance Boyfriend?

Long-distance relationships are easier than they used to be.
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Distance used to be the death knell for dating relationships. However, as modern technology offers more and more opportunities for staying in touch, long-distance relationships are becoming more common and more successful. One way to keep things fresh is to send your boyfriend unique gifts that trigger positive emotions.

1 Making Memories

Picture gifts can help your long-distance boyfriend feel closer to you.
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Reliving good times always makes people feel closer. This is because memory and emotion are closely linked in our brains. A cute way to make your boyfriend feel closer to you is to send him a gift that triggers those good memories, a gift with pictures of you two on a happy occasion. The best thing is that you can tailor that photo gift to his taste or interests. If he's an athlete, send him a personalized water bottle. If he's a techie, send him a phone case imprinted with images of both of you.

2 Creating a Date Night

One of the hardest things about long-distance relationships is the fact that you don't have many regular dates with your boyfriend. A creative way to make up for that and to give the two of you some quality time is to send him a gift that creates your own date night. Buy or rent copies of the same DVD, keep one for yourself and send him the other with an unpopped bag of microwave popcorn. Include instructions for watching the movie at the same time while talking on the phone or via video chat.

3 Increasing Anticipation

One of the best things about a long-distance relationship is that, since your time together is limited, you can take the time to plan and make dates special. Add to this idea by sending your boyfriend something that increases his anticipation. Purchasing tickets for a concert, sporting event or movie scheduled for the next time he's in town will give you both something to look forward to during the wait.

4 Keeping in Touch

Talking frequently, sharing experiences and staying involved in each other's lives are key elements in keeping a long-distance relationship strong. Gifts that help you stay in touch are both fun and practical. Sending him a webcam could help you have face-to-face conversations. A prepaid phone would let you talk or text frequently. Even gift certificates for video chatting sessions would show him you care about being part of his day-to-day life.

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