The closeness between the two of you is undeniable, but he still hasn't said those three magic words. Even though you have no problem telling him how you feel, he isn't reciprocating. Why is he stalling when it comes to saying he loves you?

Show, Don't Tell

Just because he isn't saying "I love you" doesn't mean he isn't feeling that way. You guy may have a tough time talking about his emotions, even though he may actually love you. Some people show their love when they can't tell it, according to psychotherapist Barton Goldsmith on the "Psychology Today" website. If you suspect that your boyfriend does love you but can't get the words out, look for other signs that show how he feels deep down inside. For example, he may consistently do small favors -- such as picking up your dry cleaning or renting your favorite rom-com -- that show how much he cares.

Vulnerable Feelings

Falling head over heels is a scary proposition. Letting go and trusting a romantic partner may make a man feel vulnerable, notes clinical psychologist Lisa Firestone on the "Psychology Today" website. The inability to say "I love you" may come from a fear of being exposed or vulnerable. This doesn't mean he won't eventually say those three words, but just that it might take some time for him to feel comfortable in doing it.

His Past

While he might not want to think about his past, it can color how he deals with his present relationship. For example, he did say, "I love you" in his last relationship, only to hear, "Sorry, I don't feel the same" back? This may make him fearful or cautious when it comes to saying it to you. Even if you assure him that you are in love with him, he may not fully believe you or may still worry that you'll hurt him.

Commitment Phobic

Making the promise to stay together is a key part of a healthy, loving relationship. If your guy can't commit, or is afraid to do so, he may not want to say "I love you." Saying those three little words is a sign of commitment. Uttering them out loud may make him feel like he's making a promise he isn't sure he can keep. This may mean that he simply needs more time to fully understand his feelings or to feel certain of his ability to commit.