Signs can tell you if a magic spell is working.

Casting magic spells can be tricky. After investing time, money and energy to cast a spell, any person wants favorable results right away. However, magic spells work in different ways for different people, and nothing is ever certain with magic. It is best not to dwell on the outcome, since thinking about a spell too much can limit its effectiveness. Still, if you can't restrain your curiosity, signs are out there that can tell you if a spell is working.

Changed Relationships

With a love spell, you can mend a broken relationship or find your soul mate. The best evidence any such magic spell is working is observing if there is a change in any of these relationships. If you are you have become closer with the person who is the object of your spell, your love spell may be working. If distance remains between both of you, it is possible your destinies lie on different paths. Your interactions with the person who is the focus of a spell will tell you what has come of it.

Revealing Dreams

Dreaming about the success of a spell while you are asleep can only mean good things. If you cast a money spell, for example, and dream about getting a promotion at work, it can mean you will finally see an increased paycheck down the road. Keep a dream log and write down all of your dreams after casting a spell. It will help you see if the spell is unfolding according to plan.

Media Messages

Television, radio and newspapers are all ways to convey information to the public. In the realm of magic, any of these can be harnessed to provide clues to the effectiveness of a spell. If a word or name associated with a spell is said on a TV show you are watching or you hear it in a song on the radio, it can be a subtle omen your spell has been set in motion.

If you cast a reconciliation spell, for example, and keep seeing or hearing that person's name in a positive context on TV, the radio or the Internet, it can be a sign you will soon be reconciled with that former enemy.

Lunar Cycles

Lunar cycles can affect the outcome of magic spells.

Some magic spells must be cast according to lunar cycles if you want them to work properly. If you are looking for increased prosperity and health, for example, such a spell will be cast during the waxing phase of the moon. Spells meant to decrease weight or reduce illness, on the other hand, are cast during a waning moon.

If you're looking for positive results from such spells, sometimes the results will unfold along the same time frame as the monthly lunar cycle. If you have cast a spell to lose 10 pounds in a month, for example, you may see a pound or two drop every few days until the conclusion of the lunar cycle.