Opening a new restaurant is no small feat; it takes a lot of time, perseverance and hard work to take the idea from conception to reality. Giving a gift to friends to celebrate their new restaurant is a way to show you are proud of them and wish them success. No matter what your budget, choose a gift that offers some meaning or usefulness within the restaurant itself.

Framed Dollar Display

Some restaurant owners celebrate the beginning of their business venture by keeping the first dollar earned in business. Give your friends a quality framed, matted display matching the restaurant's decor, leaving space for them to add that first dollar once they receive it. Include a small plaque in the display with the name of the restaurant and "Established in June, 2014," for example.

Web-Presence Present

Purchase the domain name matching the name of the restaurant your friends own and offer it as a gift to start their new website -- or design a basic site for them yourself or pay to have one made. If the exact domain name is taken, add a city name to it, such as "PizzaPalacePortland" or "PortlandPizzaPalace" to be able to claim the ".com" domain on their behalf. A small reservation app customized for them is another option. If website or app creation is a bit too involved, claim the restaurant name on various social media entities and give the friends the entire package, with passwords and a special email address set up to access all the accounts. Your friends may change the passwords and access information as desired.

Barware or Beverage Sets

A set of custom-engraved or screen-printed glasses makes a useful gift for restaurant owners, whether they choose to use the glasses at the restaurant or at home. Offer pilsner glasses or beer mugs if the restaurant serves alcohol, custom printed with the logo or name of the restaurant. Another option is to hire a sign company to make a custom logo or restaurant name out of frosted vinyl to apply to a mirror in the bar area or on a door or window of the restaurant. The effect looks the same as sandblasted or etched glass at a fraction of the cost.

Simple Setup Register System

Purchase a tablet or tablet-based cash-register system for a simple, effective setup that accepts cash and credit cards. If you are using a basic tablet, add the necessary hardware and apps to install a credit-card system so the restaurant can be up and running without needing a cash-only system. Some tablets are specifically tailored to cash-register use and come with a rotating stand so the cashier can turn the device around for the customer to select the tip amount and sign with a touch of a finger.