What Were the Main Cities in the Time of the American Revolution?

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During the American Revolution, the American colonies revolted against British rule. The war lasted from 1775 to 1783 and involved other nations and their cities than just America and Britain. France was heavily involved in the revolution, providing naval support and supplies to the revolutionaries. Additionally, Spain provided money to the revolutionaries and kept the British from choking off the southern supply routes.

1 American Cities

The main American cities of the American Revolution were primarily in New England, but some were in the South. The first American success was in Boston, where the revolutionaries forced out the British. Brooklyn was the source of the largest land battle of the revolution, while Princeton was the site of the American defeat of the feared Hessian mercenaries. Savannah and Charleston were taken by the British during their southern push, which significantly pushed the more reluctant southern citizens firmly into the revolution. Yorktown was perhaps the most significant city because it was the site of the final British surrender.

2 British Cities

London was the most central city to the American Revolution because it was the seat of the British government. Though Britain was a monarchy, its Parliament was steadily growing in power. King George proposed the tariffs that provoked the Revolutionary War from his palace in London, and the Parliament eagerly supported those acts because they increased tax money. However, London was also the source of the later Parliament that turned against the King and refused to support any further wars in America, which forced the surrender of Cornwallis.

3 France

Paris was a major city during the American Revolution because it is from there that French fleets were ordered to support America. France was eager to humiliate Britain since it had been its constant foe for hundreds of years, and the Americans lacked a navy and had to rely on the French to help. The British armies were largely cut off from their supply chains because the French had so effectively defeated the British Navy.

4 Spain

Madrid was also significant in the American Revolution because it too commanded its people to support the revolution. Additionally, the cities of New Spain were used to funnel military supplies into America, particularly after the southern push by the British army. New Orleans was the largest Spanish city on the North American continent to directly assist the revolution.

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