The Best Way to Study for CCM Certification

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The CCM certification is an administered test that certifies individuals looking to become case managers. Individuals must successfully complete a comprehensive test that shows they have experience and knowledge in various areas needed to complete the job. The total cost for the testing can run up to $325, so it is important that test-takers pass during their first attempt. A number of study techniques will help you pass the test when used correctly.

  • CCM Flash Cards
  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • CCM Practice Exams

1 Apply to take the CCM exam

Apply to take the CCM exam through your current employer. You will have to pay the test fees before you are given a test date, so be prepared to pay all the associated costs with taking the test. You will recieve your test date once the application is complete.

2 Create a study schedule

Create a study schedule. At least one month in advance, schedule an hour a day to study the material that will be on the CCM exam.

3 Use the flash cards

Use the flash cards to allow for repetition training. The flash cards have quick notes and problems with the answers on the opposite side. Take these cards with you to use during down time to give yourself additional time to study. Family and friends can also help you by quizzing you on the material from the flash cards.

4 Create CCM study guides

Create CCM study guides as you review the material on the upcoming exam. Using a notepad and paper, make an outline of the important material and include notes to help you better understand and memorize it for the test. Review and rewrite the study guide multiple times to give you a chance to better memorize the material.

5 Use practice tests

Use practice tests to help become more acclimated to the testing atmosphere. Time how long it takes you to complete the test and practice getting all the questions answered within the allotted time that you will be provided during the actual test date. Using the practice test will also show you which questions that you answered wrong, which will show you what material you need to study more in-depth.

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