Removing a Wi-Fi network’s profile from your computer will prevent the machine from automatically connecting to the network when it is within range of its Wi-Fi signal. Run Netsh commands using the Command Prompt utility to both find the Wi-Fi profile you need to delete and remove it from your computer. You can delete the profile even if your computer is no longer in range of the Wi-Fi network’s signal.

Step 1

Press the "Windows-Q" keys to open the Search charm and enter "Command Prompt" in the Search box.

Step 2

Choose "Command Prompt" from the Results screen to launch the Command Prompt window.

Step 3

Type "netsh wlan show profiles" -- without quotations -- and press the "Enter" key to display the list of Wi-Fi profiles.

Step 4

Locate the profile that you need to delete and record the name.

Step 5

Type "netsh wlan delete profile name= Wi-Fi Profile Name" -- without quotations -- and press "Enter." Replace "Wi-Fi Profile Name" with the wireless network's name that you need to remove.