Tumblr's multiple post formats enable you to stream videos into posts by either uploading an MP4 video file from your hard drive, or embedding a video from a third-party website by pasting its external URL into the post. You can view the direct link to an embedded video by playing the video and then clicking on the external site's logo in the preview pane, which opens the video's page in a new browser tab. To view the direct link to an uploaded video, you must use your browser's built-in code-debugging and page-inspection tools to view its original source code.

Step 1

Hover your mouse over the video thumbnail preview in the post and right-click.

Step 2

Select "Inspect Element" from the pop-up menu. A frame with the HTML code in the post launches at the bottom of the browser.

Step 3

Search for the "

The "videoID" attribute contains the Tumblr-generated string by which the site identifies your video in HTML code. The "videoURL" attribute is the direct link to the video file.