How to Use a Wi-Fi Hot Spot

Use public Wi-Fi or a mobile hot spot to connect to the Internet on the go.
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A Wi-Fi hot spot can be a standalone device, an app installed on a mobile device that supports the service, or a public wireless network. If you use your mobile device as a hot spot, you will need to configure the hot spot app before establishing a connection. You will also need to have a data plan with your carrier that covers the hot spot. When you configure a mobile Wi-Fi hot spot device or app, the hot spot operates much like your wireless router to create a local Wi-Fi network. Once the hot spot is broadcasting, connect to the device just as you would connect to your wireless router.

1 Hot Spot Setup on Android (HTC EVO)

2 Tap All Apps

Tap the “All Apps” or “Applications” icon from the Home screen of your Android device to open the Applications screen.

3 Tap the Hotspot ” icon

Tap the “Hotspot” icon, then tap “OK” to open the app. The app assigns a default SSID and password to the device.

4 Tap Manage Users

Tap “Manage Users,” then tap “Max Connections.” Tap the maximum number of users allowed to connect to the hot spot, then tap “Done.”

5 Edit the SSID

Edit the SSID, Security Type and password as desired. The SSID will be displayed to users as the network name of the available connection. The Security Type option determines whether users will need to enter a password to connect to the hot spot. If you select “None” for the Security Type, users will not need to enter a password, but your network will not be secure.

6 Tap the Mobile Hotspot-Press

Tap the “Mobile Hotspot - Press to Turn On” option, then tap “OK” to enable the hot spot. The mobile device hot spot is broadcasting and ready to use.

7 Connect to the hot spot

Connect to the hot spot just as you would connect to any wireless network from your other devices.

8 IPhone Personal Hotspot

9 Tap the Settings icon in the iPhone home screen

Tap the “Settings” icon in the iPhone home screen to launch the Settings app.

10 Tap the Cellular ” tab

Tap the “Cellular” tab, then tap the “Personal Hotspot” option in the cellular menu.

11 Slide the Personal Hotspot toggle

Slide the “Personal Hotspot” toggle to the “On” position to enable the hot spot.

12 To set the password and options

Tap the gear icon in the iPhone home screen, then tap “Personal Hotspot” to set the password and options for the connection.

  • If you do not see the Personal Hotspot option on the iPhone or the Mobile Hotspot option on the Android device, check with your cellular provider to make sure that the hot spot feature is enabled on your data plan.
  • To set up a standalone hot spot, follow the instructions provided with the device. For some standalone hot spots, you can connect a computer to the device, then use a browser to configure the wireless connection settings -- just as you would do with a standard router. For other standalone devices, you can configure the unit using the touchscreen installed on the device.

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