The Secret to life is in using The Law of Attraction to obtain anything you desire. The Law of Attraction simply states that whatever you want in life can be obtained by "asking, believing, and receiving". Here are some tips to make it happen.

Begin using "The Secret" by imagining that you are a magnet who draws all things to you in life through your suggestion to the Universe. If you believe in the power of attraction and visualize your desires and needs, all good things will come to you. To do this, you must first clear your mind of any stresses and think of it as a blank chalk board, ready to be written your joyful thoughts.

Use the power of "The Secret" by closing your eyes and thinking about what you want in life. Do you desire money? Do you want love and a healthy relationship? Do you wish to have health and well being? Visualize what you truly want in life and hold that thought for as long as you can until you feel it in your reach.

"The Secret" tells you to ask the universe for what you desire and be specific. Say, for example: "I want $2000.00", rather than "I want money". Visualize yourself with a $2000.00 check or $2000.00 cash in your hands. Feel the texture of the money, smell it's crispness, and think of how you would truly feel if you had that much money in your hands. Use only positive thoughts to pull in positive feelings about the thing you desire.

Believe that you are worthy of what you desire. Using "The Secret", tell yourself that what you want is already in your life and feel how much happier you are with it. If it's love you desire, tell yourself that your worthy of someone loving you and fully feel how that love makes you happy and excited. Again, use only positive thoughts to pull that love to you. Truly believe you already have it by feeling the emotion of love and happiness. Use all of your senses to help you to believe that you have what you desire.

Receive what it is you want. Picture yourself getting exactly what it is your asking for. See yourself getting a check in the mail. Use "The Secret" to visualize the amount and picture yourself cashing the check and making a purchase with it. See yourself falling in love and picture the person you are with loving you in return.

Most of all, you have to keep believing in order to receive. "The Secret" tells you to let only positive thoughts take you over. Check your feelings and emotions throughout the day to be sure that you are on a positive level. Do not cloud your head with negative thoughts because this confuses what it is you truly desire with unhappy feelings. Stay optimistic and be sure to feel the emotions of optimism as well. We get what we ask's up to you whether it is good or bad.


  • Don't let negative thoughts bring you down...stay positive.

  • Don't tell yourself that you can't have something...tell yourself that you already have it because you deserve it.

  • Don't let the negativity of others bring you down either...this can interfere with your happiness and achieving your desires.


  • Cut out pictures of what you desire and carry them with you.

  • Look at your pictures often to keep you positive and evoke good emotions.

  • Visualize yourself having what you want often throughout the day.