Setting a password for your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 keeps prying eyes out, but forgetting this code could keep you out, too. If you entered a Google account when you set up your tablet, you can use this information to regain access by clicking "Forgot Password." If you did not use a Google account, or this workaround is unsuccessful, the only other way to regain control of your tablet is to perform a factory reset. This erases all personal data on the device and restores it to fresh-from-the-box condition.

Step 1

Power down your tablet. Hold the "Power" button until a dialog appears, asking you to confirm your decision. Allow the tablet to power down entirely.

Step 2

Press the "Volume Up" and "Power" keys, and hold them down until the device turns on. Release them once the "Recovery Booting" message appears.

Step 3

Use the "Volume Down" key to maneuver through the on-screen menus. Highlight "Wipe Data/Factory Reset" and press the "Power" key to select.

Step 4

Scroll through the next menu and highlight "Yes -- Delete All User Data" using the "Volume Down" key. Press "Power" key to confirm. The tablet will wipe all data and restore the factory defaults.

Step 5

Press the "Power" key to select "Reboot System Now." The tablet will reboot, requiring you to complete the setup process.


  • Always make regular backups of your tablet's data, photos and other personal files to avoid losing everything, should you find yourself in this situation.


  • Keep your charger handy in case you need to plug in while your tablet resets.