Windy days, excess styling products and the remnants of an updo are all things that can lead to knotted hair. Knots are unpleasant to look at and to deal with - not to mention painful to brush out. Knotted hair isn’t beyond repair, and can be restored to a smooth and manageable condition with some extra attention pre and post wash.

Step 1

Gently brush through dry hair with a natural bristle brush. Hair that has been brushed before it is wet is easier to detangle.

Step 2

Coat dry hair with an oil treatment and place a shower cap over your head. Allow it to set for a minimum of 20 minutes. Use natural oil such as coconut or argan oil. This will smooth the cuticle and prevent excess breakage while detangling.

Step 3

Wash and shampoo hair thoroughly. Apply and rinse shampoo twice in order to remove all oil.

Step 4

Apply a smoothing deep conditioner to hair from root to tip.

Step 5

Allow the conditioner to set for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse completely.

Step 6

Gently squeeze hair dry with a microfiber towel.

Step 7

Spritz hair with a detangling spray and comb through with a wide-toothed comb.

Step 8

Apply a dime sized amount of hair oil to any remaining knots and allow it to set for 5 minutes. Gently comb out with a wide-toothed comb.