How to Understand HSPT Scoring. The HSPT is often necessary when a middle school student is applying for admission to a private or parochial high school. School administrators use HSPT scores to compare students from different schools. Admission standards vary, so be sure to check with each school to which you are applying. Below is a breakdown as to how the HSPT is scored.

Step 1

Realize that passing scores are set by the individual state's Board of Education.

Step 2

Know the five skill areas for which you will be tested: verbal, quantitative, reading, math and language.

Step 3

Understand your raw score. Each of the five skill areas is scored separately based on the number of questions you answer.

Step 4

Be aware that your raw score will be converted into a standard score. HSPTs are scored from an overall low of 200 up to an overall high of 800.

Step 5

Know what defines a passing score. Scores reported as "Proficient" and "Advanced Proficient" are considered passing.

Step 6

Know what defines a failing score. Scores reported as "Partially Proficient" are considered failing scores.

Step 7

Recognize the fact that you must pass all five sections in order to pass the HSPT. There is no weighted average pass/fail score.