ACT scores are based on the number of questions answered correctly, so don't leave any question unanswered. Because points are not deducted for incorrect answers, there's no penalty for guessing. In fact, guessing can help raise your score, while unanswered questions have a zero percent chance of being correct. Whether you don't know an answer or simply run out of time, fill in answers for all questions for a one-in-four shot at extra points.

ACT Scoring

Upon receiving your ACT results, you will receive a composite score and each test score for English, math, reading and science. Each of the four test sections is worth a total of 36 points, and the composite score represents the average of the four sections, rounded to the nearest whole number -- composite scores range from a 1 (lowest score) to a 36 (highest score). The essay is optional. To maximize your chance of success, make sure you don't leave any questions unanswered on the test.