Wi-Fi tethering converts a cellular data connection to Wi-Fi, providing an Internet link to your Wi-Fi devices even when no wireless router is in range. This function is often useful when travelling, allowing you to access the Internet via your laptop or a non-cellular tablet by using your phone as a modem. The Samsung Admire supports limited Wi-Fi tethering, and it can provide wireless connectivity for up to five devices simultaneously.

Step 1

Press the “Menu” button and then tap “Settings” to open the configuration menu on the Samsung Admire.

Step 2

Tap “Wireless & Network” and then select “Mobile AP” to access the Mobile AP settings list.

Step 3

Tap “Mobile AP” to turn on the mobile hotspot function, and then tap “Yes” on the next menu screen to disable the device's own Wi-Fi connection. This will prevent the phone from attempting to connect to itself.

Step 4

Tap “Mobile AP Settings” to configure the phone's access point options. Enter a name for the Wi-Fi network into the “Router Name (SSID)” field, and specify an access password in the “Password” field. Tap “Save” to confirm your settings.


  • You must have a tethering-compatible data plan to use your Samsung Admire as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Contact your cellular provider if you are unsure whether your contract covers tethering.

  • Tethering can increase your device's consumption of cellular data. If you pay for data based on the amount used, this could result in increased mobile bills.


  • To make your network invisible to Wi-Fi scans -- meaning that users of other devices can only access it by typing the network's SSID into their Wi-Fi search function -- uncheck the “Visible” box in the Mobile AP settings menu.