Facebook's security shakedown can help to eliminate intrusions to your account by requiring code verification, but can become tedious when you're on the move and are forced to certify each new computer from which you access Facebook. If you happen to return to someone else's computer to check your Facebook account, you'll have to pass through the security check again or authorize the location from which you're logging on. Disable Facebook's security checks when you're comfortable in your account security while using a computer or device that's not your own.

Step 1

Log into your Facebook account. Click on the "Settings" cog and then select the "Account Settings" option from its menu. Click on the "Security" heading in the Security Settings menu.

Step 2

Click on the "Edit" button next to the Login Approvals heading. Remove the check from the box next to the "Require a Security Code to Access My Account from Unknown Browsers" heading.

Step 3

Click on the "Save Changes" button to remove the security check from your account.