Tumblr's video post format enables you to upload video files from your hard drive and embed them into your blogs. Once you publish the post, your visitors will be able to click the video and stream the file right from your blog. However, Tumblr places several limitations on the run time, file size, format and dimensions of any video that you upload through its posting platform.

Format Limitations

To upload a video to Tumblr, the video file must be in MP4 format. If your video is in a different format, you must first convert it to MP4 format prior to uploading it to Tumblr. Additionally, the video should have Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) audio. While Tumblr may still play uploaded videos with different audio codecs, the difference may cause playback issues. Additionally, the video file's dimensions can be no larger than 500 pixels high by 700 pixels wide.

Individual Video File Size

Tumblr limits the file size of each video you upload to your blog to 100MB per video file. If you upload more than one video to your blog per day, the combined file sizes may exceed 100MB as long as the individual video files stay within that limitation.

Daily Time Maximum

You may upload no more than five minutes' of footage in total per day to your Tumblr blog. This limitation takes into account the total run time of all the videos you upload to your blog on any given day. For example, you can upload either one video with a run time of up to five minutes, or you can upload several videos whose run times add up to five minutes. As you upload each video, the site displays how many minutes of uploaded run time you have left for the day.

Embedding and Other Considerations

Tumblr allows you to embed a video file from an external URL as an alternative to uploading the file directly to your blog. You must paste the URL in the "Embed Code or Video URL" field in your video file. Tumblr doesn't place limits on the length or file size of a video you embed from an external URL, and Tumblr's platform is compatible with the default sizes from major video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo.