The Inkhorn Tumblr theme provides a simple, clean look for blogs with a focus on text. Inkhorn's default settings offer either a one- or two-column layout with text centered on an off-white background. For small changes, you can customize the Inkhorn theme on your blog. You can also find many similar minimalist themes for your Tumblr site on Tumblr's theme index, some available for free.

1000 Suns

The free 1000 Suns theme displays a single column of centered text. This theme uses red-accented buttons, but otherwise remains fairly monochrome, with black text over an off-white background. 1000 Suns supports customized colors, custom headers, notes and tags, Google Analytics, and "Ask" and "Submit" buttons. The theme also has a mobile version, so smartphone visitors won't revert to the default Tumblr theme.


Most two-column Tumblr themes feature one major column and a small side column. Acuity follows this trend somewhat, but like the two-column version of Inkhorn, centers both columns on the page and gives the two columns more similar proportions. The default settings are more gray in color than Inkhorn, but Acuity offers customizable colors. The theme also has built-in support for Twitter, Flickr and Google Web Fonts. This premium theme costs $49 as of 2014.


The Motify theme uses a format similar to Inkhorn's one-column version, but featuring wider text areas with larger fonts. Motify has customizable colors, defaulting to gray on white. This theme, which costs $19 as of 2014, supports Google Web Fonts, social media icons and, like Inkhorn, offers infinite scrolling mode. You can also turn on or off most page items such as tags, note counts and reblog buttons.

Finding More Themes

Tumblr's theme page lists approved themes in various categories. To find even more themes that look like Inkhorn, check out the "Minimal" and "Good for text" categories. You can also search by number of columns to match the version of Inkhorn you prefer. The majority of themes require a fee to use on your blog, but a few are distributed for free.