Many educators teach essay writing using the five paragraph essay form. In this form, the first paragraph serves as the introduction, the middle three paragraphs are considered the body, and the final paragraph is the conclusion. In the introduction, you must introduce your thesis to your readers and address the points you plan to address in the body of the essay. However, you must provide continuity to your essay, using a smooth transition from your introduction to your body.

Write your introduction. Include your thesis and list your three supporting points in the order they will appear in your essay. End the paragraph with a transition sentence that will guide your reader into the next paragraph.

Begin the first paragraph of the body with a transition sentence that ties into the last sentence of the introduction paragraph. Use a "reverse hook" that references the entire thesis, bridging the two paragraphs.

Restate the point of the body paragraph in the second sentence if you did not in the first. Use the rest of the paragraph to support your point using evidence and interesting examples.