Transferring a firearm is a simple process, assuming the person to whom the firearm is to be transferred is eligible to own a gun. An FFL (Reference 1) is someone who has a Federal Firearm License and is allowed to buy, sell, and transfer firearms. The licenses are issued by the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. The Gun Control Act of 1968 was amended in 1986 to require persons transacting business in the purchase, sale, and transfer, of firearms to obtain a Federal Firearm License. The goal was to keep guns out of the hands of people ineligible to own them (Reference 2, Paragraph 1.)

Transferring a Firearm

Guns can often be transferred in a matter of minutes.

Call several stores in your area that sell firearms. Inquire about the price to transfer a firearm. Prices generally run between $10 and $50. Colorado has a fairly simple process for transferring firearms.

If the person receiving the gun is present, he can leave with the gun after registration.

Go to the gun store with the lowest FFL fee to transfer a firearm. If the person you are transferring the gun to is local, call them to arrange a time to meet at the store. If you can be there at the same time, the person receiving the gun can take the gun home as soon as his registration is finished.

Form 4473 is a required federal background check regarding firearms.

Fill out form 4473 (Reference 3.) It is a federal background check. The person receiving the gun will need to complete one also.

Successful completion of a background check and payment to the FFL. The gun has a new owner.

Pay the FFL for their services. Assuming there were no problems with the background check, the person getting the firearm is free to leave with it now.