Whether you plan on attending graduate school, transferring to a different college, or are applying for jobs, you need a recent college transcript. If you graduated or took classes from Kaplan University, transcripts must be obtained from the Online Registrar's Office located in Chicago, Illinois.

Step 1

Fill out the Online Student Transcript Request Form from the Kaplan University website. According to the request form, transcript requests must be made with this application.

Step 2

Decide if you need an official or unofficial Kaplan University transcript. According to Dartmouth University, official transcripts are needed for job applications and graduate schools and are on paper with the school's official seal. Unofficial transcripts, however, are adequate for internships and applying for school scholarships.

Step 3

Attach a check, money order or credit card number to the Kaplan University Transcript Request Form. According to the form, Kaplan charges five dollars for each official transcript and nothing for unofficial transcripts.

Step 4

Mail or fax the Kaplan University Online Student Transcript Request Form to the address or number on the application. Allow seven to ten business days for the form to be processed and transcripts sent.