Twitter hashtags provide a way for Twitter users to follow a particular topic or line of conversation. For example, various television shows use hashtags to create a stream of interaction between the audience and performers. To join a hashtag conversation, simply add the tag to your tweet. If entered properly, hashtags are hyperlinked in the Twitter interface. Hashtags can only contain letters; spaces, numbers and special characters are not supported.

Step 1

Open Twitter in your browser and locate the hashtag you want to view. You can select a hashtag from the Trends list, a tweet from your timeline or any list. You can also search for the hashtag by typing the term in the Search box, then clicking the magnifying glass icon. Note that you do not need to be logged in to Twitter to view public tweets associated with a hashtag. However, you must log in to the platform to view conversations between you, your followers and those you follow.

Step 2

Right-click on the hyperlinked hashtag in the search results, from a tweet or from the Trends list. Click “Open in new tab” or similar option in the context menu. Tweets associated with the hashtag display in the new browser tab.

Step 3

Click the gear icon in the top of the search results, then click the "Save Search" option from the drop-down box. The search is saved with the hashtag you used to generate the results. You can click anywhere inside the "Search" box to view your saved searches.

Step 4

Print the search results page. Note that you must scroll to the end of the list of tweets, then click "View All Tweets" to print the entire list.