Students looking to train for the math FCAT can take advantage of multiple online resources.

The math section of the Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test, or FCAT, is administered to students in grades five and six to assess whether their mathematics skills meet Florida educational standards, which are now known as Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. Since the Florida Department of Education uses FCAT test results to determine whether students are ready to advance to higher grade levels, students should adequately prepare for the math exam by using available study resources. If you’re working with students about to take the FCAT math test, be sure to start reviewing the material as soon as possible. There are many FCAT test-prep options available to help students succeed on the test’s math section.

FCAT Math Tutoring Websites

If you’re willing to pay a fee, you can train for the math FCAT through academic preparation websites. Such websites offer FCAT instruction, assessment, and reporting, all of which can boost students' chances for success on any test section, including math. Paid web-services often pair students with actual FCAT tutors, who offer real-time assessment to help students master the skills required in the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, as well as Common Core Standards. If students need help in other sections of the test, they can enroll in separate programs for reading and science.

FCAT Explorer Math Station

The Florida Department of Education offers free FCAT math study guides through its FCAT Explorer website. If you’re looking to sharpen students' math skills, you can use the website’s “Math Station,” which employs fun, kid-friendly themes to reinforce math skills tested on the FCAT. Math Station features 162 gridded-response, short response, and multiple choice questions, all tailored to Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.

Online Courses

If you’re looking to train for the math section of the FCAT, consider enrolling in paid online FCAT test-prep courses. Though such courses vary in structure, some are taught with actual real-time tutors, and many are conducted prerecorded video lessons and worksheets. Specialized courses are available to provide practice and training for FCAT’s math section. These courses usually differ from typical FCAT tutoring websites by offering all participating students the same standards-based curriculum; courses often provide a less "customizable" learning experience than can be expected with a live tutor. Depending on the tutoring organization, you can sharpen your math skills via online video clips or by tutors operating through a live internet connection.

Study Guides

Why pay a fee when you may not have to? Depending on how much extra training a student needs to prepare for the FCAT math test, you may find the free study guides offered through the Florida Department of Education website FCAT Explorer to be sufficient preparation. This free resource provides various opportunities for you to practice the math skills required by Florida state standards, which you must master if you hope to succeed in the math section of FCAT. Resources on this website are broken down into grade levels and subject test sections. FCAT Explorer also presents valuable tips for parents or guardians, who might be interested in supporting the test preparation process.