If you use both Twitter and Tumblr, then you know that tags are Tumblr’s equivalent of Twitter hashtags, with a few differences. For example, you can use multiple words for Tumblr tags, but can use only one word -- without numbers or special characters -- as a Twitter hashtag. Tumblr tags provide a way for you to follow and contribute to a conversation about a topic, a brand or an idea by tracking the tag used by the group and then using the tag in your relevant posts. Tumblr offers a feature that makes tracking a tag on the platform a straightforward process.

Step 1

Log in to the Tumblr dashboard.

Step 2

Open a new browser tab, then type the following URL in the address bar, substituting “MyTag” for the tag you want to track. Use hyphens between multiple words in your URL tag.


The page displaying the tagged results opens in your dashboard.

Step 3

Click the “Track This Tag” link in the right sidebar of the tagged results page. The new tag entry is added to your Tracked Tags list.

Step 4

Press the “Tab” key while viewing your Tumblr dashboard to display your Tracked Tag list in a pop-up box. Click any tracked tag to open the tagged results page.