Top UK Business Schools

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Several of the top business schools in the world are found in the United Kingdom. These schools of business are some of the best at producing business professionals who go on to pursue careers with some of the world's most recognizable corporations. Graduates from these programs generally demand some of the highest salaries in the world, in excess of six-figures.

1 London Business School

According to both Business Week and Financial Times, the London Business School is one of the best in the world. Business week listed the school as the fifth highest rated non-U.S. business school and 24th overall for its executive MBA program. Financial Times, on the other hand, rated the London School as the best in the world ahead of three top-rated U.S. programs.

Programs offered by the London Business School include the traditional MBA, the executive MBA (EMBA), an executive MBA with a global focus, a specialized London-Dubai EMBA, a Masters in Finance, the presitigious Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy, a Masters in Management, Executive Education programs and a Ph.D. London enrolls about 1,700 students annually and has partnerships with several other prominent business schools such as the Columbia Business School, Hong Kong University Business School, the Indian School of Business and the China Europe International Business School.

London Business School Regent's Park London NW1 4SA, United Kingdom +44 (0)20 7000 7000

2 University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is one of the world's most recognized names in higher education in a variety of fields. It should come as no surprise, then, that Oxford's business school is among the best in the world as well. Business Week rated Oxford's Said School of Business as the 10th best non-U.S. school and as a second-tier program overall. Financial Times, which gives more weight to non-U.S. programs, rated the Oxford school as the fifth best overall.

The strength of the Said program is the fact that it is integrated into the Oxford University system and this allows for interdisciplinary study across several fields such law, economics, politics and international relations, sociology and psychology. The program is known for its research in several fields including accounting, finance and marketing, among others. The Said School is also the home of nine prominent business research centers such as the The Oxford Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Saïd Business School University of Oxford Park End Street Oxford OX1 1HP, UK +44 (0)18 6528 8800

3 University of Cambridge

Like Oxford, the University of Cambridge's Judge Business School is a part of a larger university system which is one of the best in the world in multiple academic disciplines. Financial Times rated Cambridge as the 21st best program worldwide while Business Week rated the school as a second-tier program.

The Judge School offers a number of programs such as the MBA, the Master of Finance, Executive Education, several Master of Philosophy programs and a Ph.D. The school has seven primary areas of research focus including organizational analysis, information systems, finance and accounting, management science and operations, business and management economics, energy and environment and international business.

University of Cambridge Judge Business School Trumpington St Cambridge CB2, United Kingdom +44 (0)12 2333 9700

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