Help your students increase their math skills in a tech-savvy way.

Teens have technology at their fingertips, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, which states that 47 percent of teens surveyed own a smartphone, 23 percent have a tablet and 93 percent have access to a home computer. Given this prevalence, connecting to apps is an increasingly popular way for adolescents to learn. High school students who are struggling with math content or just want to brush up on their skills can get an electronic blast of entertaining education with math apps.

Calculate It

Instead of toting around a clunky calculator, high schoolers can download an app version to their smartphone, iPod or iPad. Apps such as the Scientific Graphing Calculator by William Jockusch, Graphing Calculator HD by Appcylon and Quick Graph: Your Scientific Graphing Calculator by Colombiamug allow students to use similar input and graphing functions as they would on the traditional hand-held version. Additionally, some of these apps have features that allow users to send their equations and graphs to their email for printing.

Formulas Galore

Instead of scribbling down notes that feature all of the formulas necessary for algebra, trigonometry or geometry, high school students can use a math app to keep track and solve equations from freshman basics to more sophisticated senior-level mathematics. The tech experts at recommend the free iFormulas as a top reference for students who need to know -- and use -- formulas regularly. If your teen is looking for a formula-friendly app to use on an iPhone or iPad, the Math Formula calculator by RealSimpleEdo.Com offers functions such as an algebra calculator, perimeter calculator, volume calculator and series and sequences calculator.

SAT Superstars

Before most high school students graduate, they'll go through the rite of passage known as the SATs. Taking this college entrance exam means mastering math facts and prepping through intense study sessions. Adding an app to the student's study routine provides an alternative way to review the math that's necessary to succeed on the SATs. The ACT/SAT Math Booster by Advantage Point Test Prep allows students to program graphing calculators with rules, short-cuts and regulations that the test administrators allow. If your teen is looking for an app that includes practice tests or questions, Watermelon Express SAT Connect and To Go provide teens with plenty of prep.

Algebra Applications

Passing high school math typically means mastering algebra. Teens who are struggling with the more abstract concepts in algebra can tackle the subject with the help of an app. According to the Texas Computer Education Association, apps such as Algebra Champ, Algebra Explained, factor Race (Algebra) and Khan Academy: Algebra 1 all offer interactive ways to learn about and practice solving algebra problems. If your student is looking for a way to write out her equations and visualize what she is studying, FluidMath 2013 by Fluidity Software offers a way to write algebra problems directly onto an iPad.