Completing high school in the top 10 percent of your graduating class is an impressive accomplishment. Students who have outperformed peers academically may be eligible for scholarships. One state, Texas, offers the top 10 percent of all Texas high school students automatic admission to any public university. But it can be confusing to know whether you qualify. Using information from your guidance counselor or your transcript can help you easily identify where you fall in your graduating class.

Knowing Your Ranking

Many high schools are moving away from a numbered ranking and instead provide only percent placement information on transcripts. There are two simple ways to find out whether you are in the top 10 percent of your class.

  • Ask your guidance counselor. The quickest way to determine whether you are in the top 10 percent of your class is to ask your guidance counselor. She will be able to tell you where you fall in your class and answer any questions about your placement.

  • Use your transcript. If you do not have access to a guidance counselor, it is still possible to figure out where you fall using your transcript. Find your class ranking on the transcript, and then compare it to the number of students in your graduating class. This should also be on your transcript. Calculate 10 percent of the total number of students. If your ranking is a smaller number than that 10 percent cutoff, you are in the top group of graduates. For example, if there were 350 students in your graduating class, any student with a rank higher than 35 would be in the top 10 percent.