Each child has the potential to create from an early age. Most children develop a keen sense of curiosity, and they are interested in how things work. A few of these children develop even further, and come up with great new ideas that have not been tried before. With the help of teachers and parents third grade invention ideas can inspire third grade minds.

Invention Exposure

With exposure to other inventions, a third grade child may find he is most interested in astronomy.

Stimulation for a great invention for a third grader can come from learning about other inventions. Through participation in science fairs and other competitions, young minds will be trained to look for problems and instinctively find ways to solve them. With exposure they will come to know which topic interests them the most, either life science, earth science or physical science.

Teacher Motivation

The classroom is a great place for third graders to come up with invention ideas.

Several resources are available on line to help third grade teachers motivate students to come up with new inventions. By involving the child in daily problem solving, critical and analytical thinking, children will learn to think on their own. By enthusiastically motivating children to brainstorm individually or in a group, children can use their creativity and ingenuity to solve problems in different ways.

Parental Support

Children can excel wih parental support and motivation.

Parents can greatly influence their third grade child to come up with a new invention by discussing with them what they are learning in school. They can help them by supporting their efforts and encouraging them. They can also help by directing them to legitimate on line sources which abound with invention ideas.They can also help the child get organized and provide guidance. If a child has the backing of his or her parents, anything is possible.

Invention Ideas

Third graders could help to invent a robot that collects papers in their classroom.

There are many invention ideas that could inspire a third grader and start their creative juices flowing, depending upon their interests. There are needs for new inventions almost everywhere you look that can make life easier and safer. They could invent a product that holds a book to study while you eat, a rain poncho designed for use while riding a bicycle or safety suspenders that light up at night for bikers or joggers, a glove with a light for signaling turns when riding a bike at night, a dog collar that lights up at night, an alarm that goes off when an unauthorized person opens a lunch box, a fun new board game, a new candy bar or a toothpaste cap that will minimize mess and waste, clothing tags to help coordinate school clothes, a new type of rake that will allow you to pick up leaves without bending over, a simple robot that can distribute and collect student papers in class, a more comfortable swing set, a mailbox alert device that signals when mail has been delivered to a roadside mailbox, tape-less wrapping paper, an outside house light that flashes to signal police, firemen, or other helpers as to which house made a call for assistance, or an eyeglass defogging device. These are only a few invention ideas. There are many corporations that sponsor and encourage children to develop innovative ideas, including Best Buy, Staples, Xerox, Mattel, and others.