Some of the most successful police officers were successful because they were able to think like a crook, or have a criminal's mindset. This really isn't too hard to do if you know anything about the profession, and that is becoming more and more easy with the types of programming on television these days. Having the mindset of a criminal is beneficial in many other endeavors.

Train yourself to look for criminal opportunity and the law enforcement element in an area. The best detectives can easily spot opportunities for the criminal element. It stands to reason that a good criminal then, is one who can spot an undercover detective "a mile away."

Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Look for opportunities for criminal action as well as self preservation. Also search out places where you can be concealed or inconspicuous. Dark shadows, obstructed corners, crowded areas and places with multiple entry and exit points are ideal locations for successful criminal activity.

Read detective books. Especially read those written by detectives. Read true crime books written by cops. You will learn from the mistakes of the great criminal masterminds and what to avoid. You will learn to think how a cop thinks, and therefore, learn to identify what he is likely to overlook.

Practice going to places where you stick out like a sore thumb and try to blend in with the surroundings. Wear dirty, torn clothing into a high end department store. Inconspicuously search for those who are looking for you. You have a tremendous chance to be profiled and closely watched by security, so use this as practice at eluding and blending in.

Lookout for an escape and have a "plan b" at all times. The best criminals know how to think ahead at least one step at all times just as all great chess players think. Learning how to anticipate the move of your opponent is your best offense as well as your greatest defense.