Things You Must Talk About With Your Boyfriend

You should talk about what makes you laugh with your boyfriend.
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If you are in a serious relationship, you most likely have plenty to talk about with your boyfriend. The two of you may have fun chatting about sports or discussing popular music. However, there are many other topics you should discuss with your boyfriend in order to get the most out of your relationship. Bringing up these important subjects will allow you to get to know each other on a deeper level, and enjoy a deeper level of satisfaction together.

1 What Makes You You

Talking about your personal history may help you feel connected to your boyfriend on a deeper level. A 2010 study for "Psychological Science," conducted by Mehl, Vazire, Holleran and Clark, analyzed the interactions of undergraduates and found that those who talked about more "substantial" topics, such as personal experiences that profoundly effected their lives, were happier than those who engaged in more small talk. The study used an example of someone who discussed the divorce of his father. Sharing your past with your boyfriend might help you feel understood by him.

2 What Tickles Your Funny Bone

Talking to your boyfriend about what makes you laugh will bring the two of you closer together. You may also enjoy watching a comedy or a funny show on television and then chatting about it. Humor helps to lighten everyday frustrations as well as to put things into perspective, according to John Grohol, founder and CEO of the website Psych Central. As the two of you enjoy laughing together, you will help dissolve tension and build a closer bond.

3 Expectations Regarding X's and O's

Let your boyfriend know what you are and are not comfortable with physically in your relationship. You may be all right with cuddling and holding hands but do not feel ready to kiss just yet. On the other hand, he may have been ready from the very first date. Things may get awkward if these physical contact expectations are not clarified at the beginning of your relationship, according to the staff at eHarmony.

4 Your Deeper Side

Discussing values in your relationship is essential to make sure that you and your boyfriend are on the "same page" when it comes to your belief systems. While your beliefs do not necessarily have to be the same, they must be compatible. This is essential for the development of a healthy relationship, according to the eHarmony staff. You will most likely have fewer conflicts in your future if the two of you agree about what is important to you.

Kristen Moutria has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Evangel University. She is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in education from the University of Nebraska.