Education is a large field, and topic ideas for a Master's thesis can be hard to narrow Choose a topic related to your specialized interest or area of education. Focus on a problem in your field, and find a scientific and practical solution to that problem. Use books, journals, other thesis, libraries, surveys and other materials for research. Keep it as interesting and relevant to readers as possible.

Special Education Topics

Consider general issues, such as a specific disorder or disability. Research how the "No Child Left Behind" act affects the classroom. Cover how children with autism, mental retardation and other mental or emotional disorders function in the general classroom as compared to being separated in a special needs classroom. Interview teachers who work with these children.

Education Methods and Pedagogy

Teaching methods vary from state to state and district to district. Assessments, best practices, cooperative learning techniques and inclusion policies are as diversified as the various schools. Write a paper on how these methods can be used in the classroom, how they differ from campus to campus, or how these differences might affect students who relocate often during a school year.

Educational Psychology Ideas

Educational psychology concerns how people learn and the differences in learning by those with disabilities or gifted learners. Specific methods of teaching are required for these different learning styles. A thesis paper could delve into the aspect of instructional design, multiple intelligences, Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning Domains and organized learning. Any of these topics can be turned into an interesting thesis paper.

Alternative Methods of Education

Alternative settings for education can include charter schools, independent schools, and home-based learning. Topic ideas include how these alternatives are accomplished, how students can benefit from the smaller-based classrooms as compared to more personal instructional support, or how students fare in different environments. Explore comparisons between public school, home-school, or private school.