Communicating in a new age.
Communicating in a new age.

Communication today is barely recognizable when compared to communication of the past. Cell phones, instant messaging, texting, email and video conferencing have completely altered the landscape of interpersonal communication. While many of these changes come with hefty benefits, there are also disadvantages to consider.

Advantage: Convenience

New communication technology has made getting in touch tremendously convenient. You can send out a company-wide email from your cell phone. You can work from your pajamas at home and still be able to conference with your clients with Skype. This has made it very easy to get in contact with whomever, whenever.

Advantage: Speed

In many cases, time is of the essence in communication. Fortunately, communication technologies allow you to pass along messages at lightning speed. This makes it easier to prevent major mistakes because of distance. Everyone can be in sync at once.

Disadvantage: Lack of Context

When you text or email, there's no vocal tone and you can't see facial expressions. As such, it is easy to misread a message that is intended to be sarcastic or not understand the severity of a situation. This can lead to major misunderstandings.