How to Teach a Workshop. In today's fast paced society, students may not have time to take full classes. Workshops are a great way to pack useful information into a few hours. As a teacher, you need to cover as much as you can without overwhelming the students. Follow these steps to teach a workshop successfully.

Step 1

Be prepared by knowing your material backward and forward. Workshops are usually only one class, so you won't be able to answer questions at a later date.

Step 2

Talk in clear friendly manner. Watch for students who look confused. Provide time for discussion. Encourage questions as you go so that you don't lose anyone along the way.

Step 3

Hand out notes so students can follow along as you speak. Many people are visual and need to read lessons on paper. Others like handouts to review at a later date. Give out a resource sheet with websites so students can find more information.

Step 4

Teach to all learning styles. Give handouts for visual learners. Explain things clearly for auditory learners and show things to kinesthetic or hands on learners.

Step 5

Test all equipment in the room before you teach your workshop. If you are using computers or a projector make sure everything is set up properly.

Step 6

Get students involved by asking the students questions or get them to discuss topics with each other. Make the workshop interactive and fun.

Step 7

Give out an email address so students can contact you later. Often when information is packed into a short time frame, students don't have a chance to think of all that they may need to know.


  • Don't try to cram too much information into one workshop.


  • Provide websites and resources so students can follow up on your information.