Teaching kids about shapes is fun and easy when using basic materials and the environment around you. Using the classroom as a setting for teaching shapes to preschool students is a great way to create a comfortable learning environment and help them retain information about shapes.

Have examples of basic shapes-square, circle, rectangle, and triangle-at the front of the room for children to see. Write the names of the shapes underneath so preschool students can associate the shapes with the letters.

Before working with students place several objects, such as building blocks, around the classroom that are the same shapes for students to use with the lesson.

Go over each shape with students and make sure all are able to recognize the shapes by randomly calling on them.

Explain to students that they will be going on a scavenger hunt in the classroom and will be finding objects that match the shapes. They will have 3 minutes to find as many objects as they can that are the same shape as the ones at the front of the room. When a student finds as object, they will bring it to the front and place it in front of the shape.

When the 3 minutes are up, look at all the objects found with students and make sure they match with the shapes at the front of the room.

Have students find a place to sit and provide them with a piece of paper and crayon. Have students copy the shapes on their papers and try to write the name of the shape under the shape.

When finished drawing and writing the shapes, have students turn their papers over and create a drawing using the four shapes. Color in the picture with crayons.