Some teachers make it look easy. If you are about to teach your first class, you are going to find that it takes a lot of hard work. Whether you are teaching kindergarten or college seniors, the lesson planning and work remains the same.

Plan, prepare and plan some more. The most successful teachers are those who look like they just magically produce lessons. They don't. They are master planners.

Set goals and objectives to teach to your class. Write them down. Make sure they fit the school's curriculum. Also work with other members of your department to keep your class comparable to sections the other instructors are teaching.

Decide how you are going to present your materials. Some options are to teach chronologically, topically, causally or graphically. You might choose to alternate presentation styles throughout the class.

Communicate to the students what your expectations are. Provide them with a syllabus to help them study. Let them know what the grading scale is. Announce tests in advance. Set classroom rules regarding disruptive behavior and tardiness as well.

Be available for the students. That means spend time before and after class answering their questions as well as announcing your office hours. If you are available by phone from home, let them know that as well.

Present the materials to the students. Be sure you have any materials you need prepared before class time. Student attention spans are relatively short, so plan several methods of instruction during your allotted class time.

Evaluate your students through tests, oral evaluations, homework and other means that fit your discipline. Grade papers and return them to students in a timely manner.