How to Teach a Child About Communism. Most people in America think communism is evil. People are free to be communist in the U.S., but there are downfalls to communism. Teaching communism seems simple in a capitalistically successful nation, but it is far more difficult than just teaching right from wrong. Here are some steps to get you started teaching a child about communism.

Step 1

Teach the child the definition of communism. Teach the child that Merriam-Webster says communism is a theory advocating that people get rid of their own property and goods are owned by everyone.

Step 2

Explain to the child that this flowery definition sounds good and is even encouraged in the Bible and many other religions. The book of Acts proclaims that the "believers were together and had everything in common." Many other religions agree with this lofty idea that everyone should be united and live in common. Find books and stories from your religious background that promote ideas common to communism to teach children that the ideals at the core of communism have existed for a very long time.

Step 3

Dig deeper into the history of communism and show the dark sides. Show that many religious passages are taken out of context and there are always exceptions to those rules. Rent the movie about Dietrich Bonhoeffer to demonstrate these exceptions to the rule. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a devote Christian who held closely to his beliefs of unity until Hitler came to power. Find others who have changed their minds about living with common possessions and no personal property.

Step 4

Demonstrate that a country that has communism does not have the same freedoms as those in America. There is no right to own property, there are few rights to speak out against the government, there are few freedoms of press, and other freedoms we hold dear to our lives. Teach that communism and the United States form of government (representative democracy) are very different.

Step 5

Invite a person over who has lived under a communist government to talk to your child and have him or her demonstrate both sides of communist rule. Immigrants from all over the world have resettled in the United States to escape the torments of communism. Find one of these people through local ethnic organizations, meet him, discuss his life, and then ask if he would be willing to talk to your child. Check your local Jewish Community Center for programs.