Practice test are used as a way to prepare you for an actual examination. Practice tests can be used for regular classroom exams or for more important tests like the SAT, GRE or LSAT. You should take practice test seriously in order to do well on the real test.

Find a practice test online. If your instructor does not give you a practice test, then you can find one on your own. Test prep websites like the Princeton Review have a large library of practice exams.

Learn the details of the practice test. Get an outline of the practice test or read through the instructions to find out what topics are going to be covered on the exam.

Study for a practice test. A practice test should be studied for the same way as a real test. If you don't study, you are likely to get a poor test score.

Take your time finishing the practice test. Read through each question carefully and try to give an answer for each question.

Use the results to improve for the real exam. Once you finish the practice test, go over the test in a detailed manner. Focus on the questions that you got wrong and research the correct answers. Write in the correct answers and use these to study for the real test.