Online classes are a convenient way to earn a college degree, but they're not for everyone. Some people will easily pass online classes while others will struggle with the independent schedule. Learn how to effectively take online classes by following these steps.

Make a schedule of your classes and other commitments away from school. Post the schedule so that you see it often and keep up with assignments.

Set aside a specific time each day to read materials and complete assignments just as you would in an on-site classroom. This will keep you on a clear schedule of what needs to be done.

Block out distractions. It can sometimes be hard to do, but your work may suffer if you are distracted. Turn off the phone and television.

Communicate with professors and other students if possible. Many online classroom settings allow you to email or send messages to your teachers and other students. This communication can help you keep focused.

Plan ahead for assignments and tests. Putting them off until the last minute can lead to forgotten work or poor results on tests.