Reblogging other users' posts is a primary way in which Tumblr users curate interesting and useful content on their own blogs. Users may follow bloggers who consistently post content that they find relevant and engaging. By adding a link of your username tag to reblogged posts, you enable other users to quickly locate and follow your blog.

Automatic Links

Whenever another Tumblr user reblogs a link directly from your blog, a link or tag to your blog appears in the "via" link in the other user's post. Depending on the user's theme and the post format, a link to your blog may also display at the top of the post, and may include your blog's title, as well.

Manually Adding Links and Tags

If users reblog an original post, the link to your Tumblr displays automatically in the reblogged post. However, if a user reblogs a post from your blog that you reblogged from another source, a link to your Tumblr may not display in the reblogged post. You can manually add a link to your blog as a comment to the reblogged post to ensure that all future reblogs include a visible link to your blog.

If you'd like to include the post in the Tumblr tag for your username, you can also add your Tumblr name as a tag in the post.